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Local Training Initiative

Local Training Initiative

The Offaly Traveller Movement is delighted to announced that in December 2020 we secured LOETB funding for the first Traveller specific Local Training Initiative (LTI) in Co. Offaly. This training initiative is not only an important acknowledgement of the significant discrimination Travellers in the region face when accessing education, training, and employment but also an attempt to address such shortcomings and provide for the specific needs of the Traveller community going forward.

The primary aim of the initiative is to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for our Learners to attend and develop the confidence, knowledge, and skills to seek further training or employment.

The hands-on, practical nature of the course is designed to provide Learners an opportunity to re-engage in education by partaking activities which are not only of interest and relevant to them, but contribute to the Traveller community in the region. 

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