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Racism & Discrimination

Racism & Discrimination

It is well documented that Travellers experience high levels of discrimination and marginalisation in Irish society, which has catastrophic effects on their daily lives.  Travellers are often subjected to negative stereotypes and prejudice from the wider population and still face discrimination on their culture and way of life. Discrimination takes many forms including social exclusion, limited access to education, healthcare, housing and employment.

The All Ireland Traveller Health Survey, (2010), found that 61 % of Travellers reported having experienced discrimination being served in a pub, restaurant or shop, 56 % reported discrimination getting accommodation and 55% reported discrimination in seeking work. Research published in late 2018 by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has shown that Travellers are almost ten times more likely to deal with instances of discrimination than the general population, and twenty-two times more likely to face discrimination when availing of some private services.

It’s important to recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. The work of Offaly Traveller Movement encompasses an absolute anti-discrimination ethos. We are deeply committed to challenging discriminatory attitudes and practices of individuals, institutions and society which is necessary to bring about positive change for Travellers.

OTM are partners of the European Network Against Racism, (ENAR) who operate an online system of reporting racism and discrimination. is managed by ENAR Ireland which coordinates a network of organisations working together to combat racism.  ENAR work to coordinate responses to racism and discrimination at a local, national and European level.

Please visit the ENAR websites for further details.

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