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Community Development Health Programme

Community Development Health Programme

This area of work and the post of Community Development Worker for Health has been in place since 2001, and is a core part of the organisation.  Key areas of work include health policy, women’s health, mental health, domestic violence, suicide awareness, and substance misuse.  The Community Development Worker supports the co-ordination of the Midland Traveller Health Network and the participation of Travellers on various policy structures.

The main focus of this work is to:

  • Improve awareness of mental health issues with Travellers in Co. Offaly
  • Progress the physical and mental health needs of Travellers by empowering Travellers to deal effectively with matters relating to accommodation
  • Assist Traveller Women in Offaly to actively participate in decision making structures relating to their health.
  • Convene and attend the Midlands Traveller Health Network comprising of Traveller women from the four Midland counties, and support Individual Travellers from Offaly on decision making structures
  • Organise various events to raise awareness and link with specific national and international health campaigns
  • Establish and support women’s groups and special interest groups as a social outlet for local Traveller women to meet to engage in a range of educational and health promotion workshops and activities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • To actively promote Travellers human rights.
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