Traveller human rights are a critical issue in Ireland, as the Traveller community faces significant social, economic, and cultural challenges. Travellers in Ireland continue to be marginalised and experience infringements of their human rights. The systematic violation of Traveller rights is reflected in a myriad of ways, on both a state and societal level. This encroachment is clearly demonstrated in the health, education and accommodation status of the Traveller population. Travellers are widely acknowledged as one of the most disadvantaged groups in Irish society who fare poorly on every indicator used to measure disadvantage: unemployment, poverty, social exclusion, health status, infant mortality, life expectancy, education and training levels, access to decision making and political representation, gender equality, access to credit, accommodation and living conditions.

Human rights and equality are closely related because the protection and promotion of human rights often involves ensuring that all individuals are treated equally and without discrimination. When Traveller human rights are violated, it means that Travellers are being denied their rights and are not being treated equally.

The principles that underpin the work of Offaly Traveller Movement focus on equality and social justice. We are deeply committed to human rights using a community development approach. Promoting human rights and equality is crucial for creating a just and inclusive society where everyone can live with dignity and respect. It requires a commitment to recognising and addressing the systemic inequalities and barriers that prevent Travellers from accessing their rights and opportunities.

Offaly Traveller Movement works to promote and protect the rights of the Traveller community in Offaly and beyond. OTM has been and will continue to be involved in many campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting Traveller human rights.

human rights & equality
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