Human Rights

Human Rights

Travellers in Ireland continue to be marginalised and experience infringements of their human rights. The systematic violation of Traveller rights is reflected in a myriad of ways, on both a state and societal level. This encroachment is clearly demonstrated in the health, education and accommodation status of the Traveller population. Travellers are widely acknowledged as one of the most disadvantaged groups in Irish society. Travellers fare poorly on every indicator used to measure disadvantage: unemployment, poverty, social exclusion, health status, infant mortality, life expectancy, education and training levels, access to decision making and political representation, gender equality, access to credit, accommodation and living conditions. The principles that underpin the work of Offaly Traveller Movement focus on equality and social justice. We are deeply committed to human rights using a community development approach. This encompasses empowerment, participation, partnership and challenging discrimination. 

OTM Vacancies

Position: Local Training Initiative Assistant Coordinator Offaly Traveller Movement (OTM) is a Traveller-led community development organisation, working to address issues facing Travellers in the region including, health, accommodation, youth, education,

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